At the Void's Edge

The saleslady at Macy’s was ready to take me home with her… Until she learned how close I am in age to her kids.

She talked me into a hug. I’m such a pushover…

Sometimes it’s tough not fitting in with the culture you’re from. But that just means you get to create your own circles, and cherish your people - the ones who get you - all the more.

While there’s no future in giving indiscriminate offense to others, there is a certain power in being willing to be polarizing, to accept that there is no pleasing everyone. You have to be if you’re going to be free to speak your truth, to defend your truth.

There’s a balancing act involved. On the one hand, you don’t want to be reactive and easily baited because then you’re trapped in the vortex of what other people are saying and doing, with no control over the helm of your own ship. But if you constantly self-censor and can’t speak out of fear, that’s a self-made prison of another kind.

Knowing yourself, defining your vision, and pursuing the resulting mission will create momentum from your forward motion, and the right people will appear or be drawn into the world you create. The wrong ones will go on to wherever they need to go.